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What is a dual boiler espresso machine?

When searching for the best dual boiler espresso machine, it is important to understand a few things that make it. A boiler is a cylinder made of stainless steel, brass, copper, and sometimes aluminum used to store water. A boiler has a heating element, which maintains the temperature and heats the water. After this, the water is then pumped out to the brew head. There are instances where the boiler is used to produce steam. This is done at a higher temperature.

In the case of a dual boiler, the machine happens to have two boilers. One is used for brewing and the second one for steaming. This is to say that when you pre-heat such a machine, it can generate espresso any time you want, and it can steam simultaneously.

The greatest benefit of having the dual boiler espresso machine is that you don’t have to deal with any delay between brewing and steaming. There are two boilers, and each can perform its dedicated function. The other thing is that the temperature is very consistent. This means you can prepare that espresso without any worries.

How does a dual boiler espresso machine work?

Espresso machines may be needed for making a high volume of coffee drinks. In such a case, a dual boiler is the preferred option. In a dual boiler espresso machine, there is a pump, and it sends water to both boilers separately. One boiler heats water to boiling point while the other heats the water to the ideal brew temperature. Most of these machines come with a digital temperature controller. This makes it possible to control the temperatures of the boilers. Since there is an extra boiler meaning extra heating element, the best dual espresso machines happen to be pricier than the single boiler counterparts.

An espresso machine is complex, but beneath it all, it is all about forcing hot water over ground coffee to create the best coffee drink. The water moves through different phases before the final drink is produced. The double boiler stands out in the brewing of espressos, and it has a very stable temperature profile.

How to descale a dual boiler espresso machine?

A cup of coffee consists of 99 percent water, and it is the main element needed to brew coffee. Water has minerals like magnesium and calcium that pass through the machine. Eventually, it accumulates in the heating element forming limescale. Descaling is removing the mineral buildup from the machine. Hard water can damage coffee machines because it contains more minerals. The buildup happens without the knowledge of the user. This can have a bad impact on the boiler and can have a negative effect on the coffee quality.

To avoid losing flavor and drinking tepid coffee, you need to descale. Some descalers are available in the market today that are meant for the different espresso machines, drip coffee makers, and single-serve options. The descalers get rid of the buildup without damaging the machine and allowing the machine to work at its best. The product is misused with water which is added to the reservoirs. After this, the machine is rinsed. Most dual boiler espresso machine manufacturers will guide how exactly you ought to descale.

The top 5 best dual boiler espresso machines

The following are five machines that made it to our top five. They include:

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Product Overview:

This espresso machine helps create the most passionate espresso for coffee fans. It is designed elegantly, and it is very professional. It can make a very precise espresso exactly how the user wants it. It is one of the most straightforward machines that you can pick. It is not complex, and making espresso is very easy even for beginners. The sensor grinding tech offers a consistent grind for the best espresso every time. There is a tamping station that allows you to replicate that perfect tamp. By a simple lever activation, you are good to go. The temperature can be controlled, and you end up with the best temperature stability for great milk texturing and coffee extraction. It is a dual machine with a heating system for milk steaming or frothing. This ensures that the frothing is achieved immediately.

Product Features:

  • Sensor grinding technology: this is an exclusive feature that allows you to get the most consistent dose.
  • Smart tamping station: it has a station where the ground coffee is tamped at the correct pressure to achieve the best results. You don’t need to take away the portafilter.
  • There is a bean sensor, meaning there will always be a bean supply whenever you decide to grind.
  • Dual heating and active temperature control: the machine offers good temperature stability for the optimal cup of coffee.
  • Latte system: this system is advanced. You can create later art or create a cappuccino froth.
  • It has a quick start meaning you start and grind, then immediately get the espresso.
  • It comes with a cleaning brush, a descaling solution, and a milk pitcher.
  • It comes with a spout for hot water, which means you get so much more from the machine, and you can create an Americano. You can use the water for tea without that residual taste you get from coffee.
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  • Very easy to use.
  • Makes great coffee.
  • It heats up pretty quickly.
  • It’s quieter than most.
  • It bears lots of features.
  • It foams very well.
  • It keeps things under control without a mess.
  • It’s easy to clean.
  • It is rather tall and takes a bit of space.
  • The hopper cannot be taken off when beans are full.
  • The grinder settings are only six, which may not be adequate for everyone.
Bottom Line

This is one of the best dual boiler espresso machines you can choose. Even though the grinder settings may not be adequate for everyone, it helps you get great espresso, great Americanos, and some hot water for other users. It is quick and definitely worth the investment.


Product Overview

This is a dual boiler espresso machine with temperature control and an instant outcome on demand. It offers the best flavor while steaming your milk to get the highest quality. This machine can offer the best commercial performance and features within a domestic footprint. To get that perfect espresso, you need a precise temperature and the best pressure control. This has to be consistent all the time. The machine has a dual boiler system made of stainless steel. The boiler used for making espresso short has temperature control, and there is another boiler to offer instant steam when needed. This means it is possible to get an espresso shot immediately while still delivering the best flavor while at the same time steaming the milk for the best quality. Another element is situated at the group head, ensuring that the whole system has a consistent temperature. The machine also has an OPV or overpressure valve limiting maximum pressure during extraction. This ensures that you don’t get a bitter flavor in any shot. A true low-pressure infusion increases pressure to expand grinds in the extraction prices. The pressure and the duration can be programmed. The machine has user-friendly features, and you can use the auto start setting if you want to.


Product Features:

  • The product features stainless steel boilers which are conductive.
  • The capacity of this machine is 5.3 pounds, and it weighs 30 pounds.
  • Features dose control grinding where you get a balanced and consistent espresso using the ideal amount of grounds.
  • With the OPV in place, you get the best water pressure and limit the pump pressure over the extraction period. In this way, you don’t experience any bitterness.
  • You can achieve the most precise extraction with steel boilers. The heated group head and boilers can be controlled by the PID, which means the right temperature is maintained all through.
  • It has an LCD for the easiest programming.
  • Has extra accessories including a water filter, filter holder, a water test strip, cleaning kit, milk jug, and a dosing tool.
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  • The machine creates the best espresso shots.
  • It has great steam that is well controlled.
  • It is compact considering that it is a dual option.
  • You can control the wait time, the pre-infusion time, the pre-infusion pressure, the brew temperature, and so on.
  • It has an auto on and auto-fill feature.
  • You get very consistent temperatures for the espresso and another boiler for steam.
  • It is noisy.
  • It is not very durable.
  • Components are not the best quality.
Bottom Line

All factors considered, this is a good option that allows you to create consistent espresso shots. The stainless steel means good conductivity, and you can achieve those coffee drinks pretty fast.

Product Overview

This machine gives you the chance to taste that silky micro-foam milk. The dual boiler machine gets the milk streamed under great pressure to create tiny bubbles that enhance the flavor of the espresso. The temperature makes it possible to get the sweetness of the milk which gives a great taste experience. A great blend of sweet and rich milk combined with that golden, syrupy espresso. The machine has a touch screen to get the ideal coffee using the four keys formula. The dual boiler is professional and delivers the best control and a simultaneous steaming and extraction process.

Product Features:

  • This is a stainless steel dual boiler machine with a capacity of 480 milliliters.
  • It has a touchscreen to make it easier and more friendly for humans.
  • It features dose control grinding: a grinder automatically gets things done automatically. It also tamps and doses ground coffee for the greatest flavor.
  • With the machine, you can achieve the best water pressure. The OPV limits the pump pressure every time you are extracting. This means you won’t have to deal with bitter flavors. The pressure also increases gradually so that the grinds are expanded gently when extracting.
  • Most precise extraction: you get to enjoy a very balanced espresso, and there is a PID control that gets the water delivered at the best temperature.
  • Milk texturing: you can create micro-foam milk automatically using the steam wand. This is powered by one boiler that textures the milk according to how you like it. This enhances the flavor.
  • Touchscreen: all stages are automated, and you can select the kind of drink you want. You can select a cappuccino, a latte, long black, or espresso.
  • Features include a water filter, a filter holder, a test strip for the water, a cleaning kit, spare parts, a milk jug, filter baskets, and a milk jug.
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  • You can easily adjust the milk consistency, the milk temperature, the grinds, and the brew temperature.
  • It gives out the most exceptional espressos when you use the right beans.
  • It has a semi-auto frothier that allows you to create a great foam.
  • It is very easy to set up.
  • It has intuitive controls and a touch screen.
  • It has a dual boiler making it versatile.
  • Can make personalized coffees.
  • Very easy to use and clean.
  • It is fast
  • It is pricey.
  • Milk frothing is a bit inconsistent.
  • It is noisy.
  • It is tall.
Bottom Line

This is one of the best dual boiler espresso machines that you can make part of your daily routine with a little practice. Even though it is pricey, you can get that high-quality cup of coffee on demand.

Product Overview

This great dual boiler espresso machine allows you to get a pro outcome when making your shots. It offers great precision control for every shot that you make. It has a very compact design which means that it has a limited footprint which is a good thing for those who want to economize space. This machine is a blend of the best professional performance, and it is a very simple option. There are two PIDS and a digital display. It also has two boilers and many coffee solutions that you can pick from. This machine is a great way of making that high-quality espresso that you may be yearning for straight at home.

Product Features:

  • It is made of stainless steel material.
  • It comes with the best human interface buttons for input.
  • It has a dual boiler: you get control over the water and regulation of the temperatures for the steam delivery and the coffee extraction. These are manageable using the various display buttons. It has PID in the violet and a steam boiler that allows the heat to remain stable and consistent. This offers the best stability after each shot.
  • Thermal stability: this makes it a great commercial machine offering precise espresso temperatures.
  • Powerful steam: you can make all espresso-based milk beverages easily with the creamy milk.
  • Digital display: the display presents the best temperature levels. It also features a shot timer and an alert for the water level, and a function to get the machine working at a predetermined time.
  • It has a professional build using the best quality components and comes with dedicated coffee boilers, a cup tray, a steam wand, insulated boilers, and a portafilter.
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  • It has an excellent steamer.
  • It is energy efficient.
  • It is compact.
  • It has a strong build.
  • It is a fully serviceable machine.
  • Heats up quick.
  • It has a small drip tray.
  • You need to use it for a while to get the hang of things.
  • Small water tank.
  • Steam wand is not adequate.
Bottom Line

This machine comes with a very robust design which is quite amazing. It functions very well, and it looks just like the commercial equipment, which is quite a good thing. It also has a function test certificate which is a good thing. You can easily ascertain that a lot of thought was put into creating the machine. Overall, it is a worthy purchase with decent outcomes.

Product Overview

This is also one of the best dual boiler espresso machines that you can pick. It comes with a grinder control to ensure that you get the ultimate espresso dose that you want without any bitterness. The temperature is PID controlled, which is very amazing. The dual boiler allows you to get so much more from the machine. You can easily get that powerful steam you need whenever you need it. This allows you to get a shot within the right temperature and at the best flavor. When all this is being done, you can stream your milk and get a café quality kind of outcome.


  • The product is made of stainless steel and is available in silver color.
  • Repeatable and precise extraction: the group head and the boilers are heated and controlled by the PID or digital temperature control. This means a precise temperature every time.
  • Smart grinder pro: this allows intelligent grinding using the Dosing IQ tech. You can program and adjust the grind time, and there are 60 settings to play around with.
  • It features 19-22 grams for the best flavor: with this, the espresso achieved is balanced and consistent using the best ground coffee quantity.
  • Microfoam texturing: this is done on the milk using the steam wand, which is powered by one of the boilers and delivers the best texture and enhances the flavor that is needed for latte art creation.
  • Flexible shot control: you can pick the number of shots you want and choose manual control to get the perfect dose each time.
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  • The product is of very high quality all factors considered.
  • It is very easy to steam the milk, and the wand is quite powerful and makes the perfect microfoam.
  • It is very easy to use and clean out the grinder.
  • It is easy to set up and dial, especially with some prior experience.
  • You can easily access the water tank from the back or the top.
  • You get a shot and steamed milk consecutively.
  • It bears very useful and functional features.
  • It can be customized.
  • It is of a high quality.
  • Tends to clump at times resulting in inconsistent grinds
  • A bit slow in heating
  • The grinder only measures time but not weight
  • It is loud
Bottom Line

This is an expensive machine but is worth it because of the many included features. It gets the job done given time, and it is easy to access the tank and clean it. It is a good choice.


There are great options that one can pick when searching for the very best dual boiler espresso machine. There are also many considerations before settling for one brand over another. When you have settled for the design that you think is most ideal, you need to consider the material used. The most popular options available are aluminum, brass, copper, and stainless steel.

Aluminum is often used in low-cost and small coffee makers. It is lightweight, and the heat conductance is quite high.

Copper is very costly, and it is great at conductivity. This is why it is so popular with cookware. It is antibacterial, and brass endplates are often used in copper boilers for easy connection.

Brass is not as conductive as a copper nut; it is affordable in comparison. It is used in heaters to increase corrosion resistance.

Stainless steel is a popular option, and it is cheap and very easy to handle. It has low thermal conductivity. It is also durable and takes a bit of time to heat up. By knowing this, you will know exactly what you are bargaining for with each material chosen.

The truth is that most espresso machines make things easier. Some with some additional features make them the best choice in most cases.
There are many reasons why double boiler machines are the best option. There is a great advantage to this. You notice that the resulting coffee has almost a similar temperature, and you get some accurate shots. Drawing a lot from the steam boiler doesn’t affect the brewing heat.

The dual boilers are great, but they tend to be perfect for anyone with a considerable budget and a wider kitchen area. It is, therefore, important to consider the budget you are working within before making a final pick. Your choice also has a lot to do with your preferences. What’s the target drink that you have in mind? This makes it a bit easier to make up your mind.

The other consideration is the number of drinks you are targeting to make. This allows you to pick the perfect size of the boiler or brew that is needed.
Available space needs to be considered as well. Where will the machine be installed and adequate to house the machine comfortably. Consider this so that you can pick the right size. You need to consider the cafes you like and find a grinder that can easily replicate the flavors.

In short, five key things have to be considered before you pick the best dual boiler espresso machines. They are:

  • Kitchen space
  • Quantity and frequency of the drinks
  • Type of drinks you want to make
  • Your budget
  • And the grinder selection

Many people make an error with the budget. They end up under-allocating money to get the grinder, and overbuy the espresso machine. However, this should not be the case. Regardless of how beautiful a machine is, it is important to consider all other things and invest in a worthy grinder. You should reap great benefits if you find the best dual boiler espresso machine.