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In today’s article we will review Best Bunn Coffee Makers. Only coffee lovers can understand how amazing it is to wake up with a refreshing cup of coffee. But it’s a real hard work to wash the sleep off your face, get changed, and then walk down the street to find a coffee shop and stand in a long line to get your coffee. The problem grows even more when you have to do it every day. What if there was a solution? A machine that could brew delicious coffee right at your home and without putting you to any hurdle? If you’re one of those wishers, then Bunn has made it a reality by bringing you a variety of amazing coffee makers for all types of uses and occasions.

Bunn coffee makers allow you fast and easy brewing, and the specially designed spray head and thermostat leave no question about the taste of the coffee.

However, before you set out to buy a coffee maker, you should think about the following points:

  1. Use of the Coffeemaker:
  • Coffeemakers for Home: These coffee makers are for families and individual needs. If you love coffee right after waking up, then, of course, you should get one. These are small-sized, compact and are more stylish than commercial coffee makers. Normally, Bunn coffee makers for homes can brew 20 to 50 ounces of coffee at one time. They consume less electricity and the process of making coffee is so easy that you can brew a coffee for you even in half-sleep. Some coffee makers come with thermal carafe which can keep the coffee hot for very long, and carafes made by Bunn don’t produce the scorching tastes. Bunn has also eliminated the problem of leaking in all its carafes.
  • Commercial Espresso Machines: If you run a small office or a restaurant, then you’ll need a Commercial Espresso Machine which is capable of making a large amount of coffee. Again, Bunn has some really cool and powerful coffee makers, which can brew up to 3.5-4 gallons of coffee per hour. Their recovery time is also very low and since Bunn provides more than 2 warmers, your customers or visitors will never have to wait while brewing is going on. Commercial coffee makers are a large investment, and Bunn produces the best security.

Other Features of Bunn Coffee Makers

  1. Ideal Temperature Brewing: Bunn is one of those rare coffee makers in the market, which attains the ideal temperature of 200F in no time, and it maintains this temperature till the end of brewing.
  2. Suitable for High-altitude: For the users living in regions of high altitude, Bunn provides a special thermostat which helps water extract the right flavor without getting vaporized.
  3. Simple Design and Easy to Use: These two factors have always been the bottom line of Bunn Coffee Makers. You’ll hardly find any other coffee maker, which is so easy to use.
  4. Great Taste: Taste is, of course, the most important thing about a coffee maker, and this coffee maker does its best to please you.

In the upcoming sections, we’ll look at some of the best coffee makers by Bunn and we’ll see what they have to offer.

Best Bunn Coffee Makers

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Product Overview

Single serve pod structured machines producing the wonderful and marvelous delight loved by almost every human on the planet (coffee) have seen their popularity and demand grow by a considerate level in recent years owing to their ability to come up with coffee variations and tastes that are far better than that of a standard cup of coffee available almost anywhere and everywhere in the modern world.In the very same regard, the Bunn MCU ranks as an extremely excellent performer that justifies its position in the top 5 Single-serve coffee machines as rated by various online platforms and experts as well. Let us take a quick peek into some of the reasons that can answer the question of “why”:

Product Features

Multi-use pod drawers

  • In a world of multi-tasking and always on the lookout to strike the best and most cost-effective of deals, having a single purpose machine at your disposal is a major turn off for almost every individual walking the earth. As such, why should a coffee machine be treated any differently for, in the end, it’s not like there is just one beverage that exists or that a person can have a liking for just one type of beverage (in this case, coffee).The Bunn MCU in the same regard does not turn out to be a disappointment. With 4 interchangeable drawers and a variable burr size of 45-61mm, one now has the ability to not just brew coffee, but also brew tea while making use of ground coffee, tea bags, or even loose tea as the input for your beverage.

Removable drip tray

  • The best part about having that steamy cup of pure satisfaction and bliss is not the coffee itself, but rather the satisfaction of actually holding it in your hands in that fancy cup of yours. The biggest problem for a lot of people with their coffee machines is the absence of a removable drip tray which means one has to brew their cup in the standard and default cup that comes with it and then transfer it into your own cup. This has 2 disadvantages over here- the first is the possibility of spilling it which will lead to nothing but a feeling of guilt, and the second is that transferring it into a second cup leads to all that froth going helter-skelter that just takes away all the fun and taste of the coffee.The Bunn MCU, however, makes sure that you are devoid of both these feelings- guilt as well as dissatisfaction, by giving you a removable drip tray that can be equipped with almost any and every type of cup you can think and imagine of.

Fast brewing

  • Coffee and tea are those kinds of beverages for which waiting is nothing more than a sin and a waste of time. Nothing can be more frustrating to keep staring at the machine and wait for the ding to happen- seems nothing more than a test of your patience. The manufacturers of the Bunn MCU seem to understand that feeling very well and thus have incorporated the MCU with a mechanism that serves you your beverage in under a minute.

High number of servings

  • In a world where everyone is super busy, be it for real or just for a thing to say to people, no one really has the time and patience to brew a cup of coffee every time they crave for one. To solve the very same problem, the Bunn MCU comes equipped with the ability to come up with a maximum of 14 ounces makes sure that you are always left behind with a considerate amount of your beloved beverage after you have consumed it already. No worries and hassles for the next time. Just heat it and voila! You’re all set.
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  • The ability to switch between making ground coffee and tea using the interchangeable drawers is a major plus point for the Bunn MCU considering its asking price.
  • The Bunn MCU packs a final piece of surprise under its hood- the ability to even come up with a whole other delectable beverage: hot chocolate. Yes! You heard that right. The MCU can extract hot water from its external pump in order to put those coffee beans to a whole other use. The same can also be utilized to make a longer drink as well.
  • One may have a doubt in mind regarding the 14 ounces of possible coffee brewing ability- that won’t let the coffee go cold with time. The MCU, however, keeps the temperature regulated and consistent for a considerable amount of time.
  • Pretty sturdy construction materials give it a really sturdy build and body structure, which means it’s going to be your partner in crime for a long time to come.
  • The removable drip tray along with an almost universal pot/cup support, the MCU wins the heart of many coffee lovers in an instant.
  • The performance of the MCU is surely something incomparable with anything in its price range. However, to maintain the same, the MCU asks for a lot of maintenance frequently.
  • Even though it can brew tea apart from coffee, the taste is not really something that would appeal the tea lovers out there.
  • For all of its performance prowess, the MCU is fairly loud enough in its operation.
Bottom Line

The Bunn MCU is a perfect fit for all those people out there who are looking for a machine that can fulfill their ground coffee needs in a seamless manner while also being capable of coming up with the easy and quick pod coffee, tea, as well as hot chocolate without having to invest in a separate machine altogether. Even for a few negatives that point out to not go with the MCU, it does not really let you down when you compare its performance with machines in a similar price bracket. With the MCU, you are in for a durable machine that is going to give you a coffee experience just the way you want.
Product Overview
Bunn as a brand name in the world of coffee makers has really established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the mid to high range market. Powerful performance delivered to you by some of the best underlying parts and materials that deliver you some of the best tasting coffee you have ever had, the NHS Velocity Brew has made quite a name for itself in the high-end market of coffee makers- a factor more than convincing enough to pop its hood and see what’s underneath.
Product Features
  • Large Tank size

Doing any piece of work repetitively is something that no one of us really likes and only acts as a way to provoke us; even if the end product is something that would be appealing as hell and only bring about a smile and a sense of satisfaction. Coffee brewing is no exception to that; even though we know that a steaming cup of hot coffee prepared just in the manner you like is awaiting you, one does not really like to be stuck in a seemingly infinite loop.

To eradicate the problem, the NHS Velocity comes equipped with the ability to brew at most 10 cups of coffee in a single go and store it in its tank only for you to use it again the next time you get a craving for the same.

  • Multi-stream spray head

This is probably the feature that accounts for the really superior taste of coffee delivered by the NHS Velocity. Coffee beans- however sophisticated and high quality they may be, become no more than ordinary beans if they are not cut at the desired angles and their flavor not extracted in the most efficient of manners. One of the detrimental steps in extracting that perfect taste up to the last bit of ground coffee is to mix that powder with water in an evenly manner. This is exactly what the multi-stream head spray does- mixing the ground coffee with water in proportions that are just the right ratios for guaranteeing a superior and heavenly taste.

  • Large flat bottom

Apart from the multi-stream spray head, a considerably larger and flat bottom surface is yet another factor that can stake its claim on the rich flavor and taste extracted by the NHS Velocity. This surface allows for greater interaction of the water and coffee grind due to the large size of the surface and thus allowing better mixing of both and consequently delivering a taste that yells bliss in every sip.

  • Drip-free carafe

When it comes to coffee, spillage is not at all an option and doing which is nothing short of a crime. To prevent the same from happening, the NHS Velocity comes equipped with the proper safeguards in the form of a drip-free glass carafe. This carafe not only prevents spills of any kind, but is also responsible for keeping the coffee hot for really long durations of time. The Velocity Brew achieves the same by placing the carafe on a hotplate and thus keeping it blazingly hot (~200 degrees Fahrenheit as claimed by Bunn) for about 30 minutes or so.

This glass carafe in itself adds a sense of monetary relief in the pretty expensive NHS Velocity Brew while spreading that delicious aroma all around the room. Being relatively easy to clean and constructed out of glass (an unreactive element), the Velocity Brew in itself becomes both easy to maintain as well as something that maintains the integrity of the coffee while keeping it fit for consumption at all times.

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  • The NHS Velocity while brewing coffee keeps the temperature of the container regulated and controlled so that the flavor extraction happens in the best and most efficient of manners.
  • The multi-stream spray head makes sure that the proportion of water to that of the amount of ground coffee is always in the right ratio to guarantee a wonderful and delightful taste.
  • A wonderful and high level of performance means nothing if the user interface and the manual settings are something of jargon that the end user cannot find a way around it. The Velocity Brew, however, makes sure that the user has absolutely no worries in using it with a surprisingly easy manual and controls about it.
  • Despite plastic used as the primary construction material in the body structure of the Velocity, this is a coffee maker that has been crafted to last till kingdom come.
  • What kills the competition for any other coffee maker in the market when pitted against the Velocity has to be its brewing speed. Capable of coming up with a complete pot of coffee (~10 cups to measure) in under 3 minutes, the Velocity is as fast as they possibly come.
  • The absence of any types of buttons on the panel and a fairly straightforward and simple design that is devoid of the fancy curves and whatnot, the Velocity is subsequently a machine that is too easy to clean and maintain.
  • Design-wise and aesthetics-wise, the Velocity has to be a major turn off for a lot of people.
  • Even for all of its features and performance ratings, the NHS Velocity seems to be a little off-charts when it comes to pricing.
Bottom Line

The Bunn NHS Velocity Brew is all about performance versus looks. If the looks and the periphery of your coffee machine are something of an important factor, then it is suggested to just back away from it for the Velocity is nothing short of a block of brick with a bulky frame to complement it. However, what the Velocity lacks in looks, it more than makes up for the same in its performance. The end quality and taste of the coffee that you would be getting from the Velocity is definitely something that sets a bar for other machines to compete against. In the end, however, it is all about deciding which you prefer more- looks or the end result.

Product Overview
This model of the Velocity Brew is by far not much different from the previous NHS Velocity Brew in many aspects except for the very notable difference in the type of carafes used in both. Where the NHS Velocity makes use of a glass carafe, the BT Velocity Brew comes with a thermal carafe as the default thing. The main thing and factor that caught the eye and forced a review of this coffee maker is its price for this is a coffee maker whose glass carafe model is more expensive than the model with a thermal carafe- a surprising yet a true fact.
Product Features
  • Thermal Carafe

The very thing that sets the BT Velocity different from its brother deserves to go first in the list of highlights. A thermal carafe is an almost complete opposite of a glass carafe. On one hand, where a glass carafe is capable of keeping your beverage insanely and piping hot due to the hotplate present, a thermal carafe is more suitable in events where you wish to keep your coffee hot for longer durations (for hours on stretch). Furthermore, made out of steel generally, the chances of breaking the carafe are really bleak.

Some people (who are absolute connoisseurs of coffee), however, owing to an almost perfect sense of taste with their coffees will often tell you that the taste of coffee stored in a thermal carafe is way too different from that stored in a glass carafe. The extent of the truth to that fact is something that escapes a lot of us, but for those who have spent years of research and experimentations would know better than a lot of us mere passionate coffee consumers.

  • Ease of use

The BT Velocity is totally a spartan of a coffee machine that is incredibly easy to use. The machine is totally devoid of all the fancy buttons and the gorgeous & stunning control panel found on a lot of modern coffee machines. Instead, Bunn seems to be going with the saying, “Simplicity is the best policy” with the BT Velocity. With just a single power button (to be pressed once you fill it with water) to operate the entire system, the BT Velocity Brew is something that even a 5-year-old could make use of. In totality, the word simplicity is just hidden away in plain sight in the Velocity.

  • Spray Head

Just like its brother- the NHS Velocity, even the BT Velocity comes equipped with a multi-stream spray head that is in charge of keeping the amount of water and the ground coffee in the proper ratio and proportions in order to guarantee the perfect taste and flavor that could be extracted from your precious coffee beans.

  • Stainless Steel Water Tank

Keeping the temperature of coffee as a beverage while brewing at a constant and regulated temperature is a far more important concept that many people actually understand. The perfect temperature when kept mandated and regulated make sure that the extraction of flavor from the coffee beans is done in a manner that it does not alter the flavor of the beans than what they are actually supposed to deliver- it should not happen that the coffee becomes too sour that one cannot consume it or that it becomes too mild to actually enjoy it.

With a steel water tank though, the BT Velocity makes sure that the optimal brewing temperature of ~200 degrees Fahrenheit is achieved and maintained throughout the length of the brewing process.

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  • A thermal carafe makes sure that your coffee is kept hot enough, even after many hours for you to enjoy. As far as the taste getting altered by the interaction of coffee with steel goes, it is something that can be distinguished only by people with years of tasting and experimenting with coffee. As a passionate consumer, you probably won’t even notice the difference.
  • Unlike many coffee machines, the BT Velocity is a tool that even the dumbest person on the earth could use. There is literally nothing on the entire body except for a single button. Fill the reservoir and you’re good to go.
  • Cleaning is probably the part we hate the most but still have to do it for the sake of our beloved coffee. The hassles of cleaning are almost brought down to zero with the BT Velocity. With a fairly uniform body design, there is not much to it. As far as the reservoir goes, the provisioning of a cleaning rod is more than one actually needs.
  • Similar to the NHS Velocity, the BT Velocity too is capable of coming up with 10 cups of coffee in a single go in well under 3 minutes- meaning that you don’t have to wait much to get your hands on your beloved beverage.
  • The spray head and the water tank in collaboration make sure that your coffee is always at the perfect temperature and brewing in the best proportions of water and coffee grind to throw towards you a cup of coffee that couldn’t have been better.
  • Poor design and unsatisfactory quality of the build and construction materials used.
Bottom Line

The BT velocity very much like the NHS Velocity is a perfect recommendation for all those who are heavy consumers of coffee and are looking for a machine that can consistently deliver some really excellent quality coffee in a speedy and quantity-full manner. Again, similar to the NHS Velocity, the BT velocity too is a major turn-off in the field of being visually appealing. Coming up with 10 cups of coffee in less than 3 minutes and available for consumption, even after many hours owing to the thermal carafe, the BT Velocity is a huge recommendation trumping the NHS Velocity owing to its cheaper price than its brother- particularly because the thermal carafe model is cheaper than the glass carafe model.

Product Overview

Bunn as a brand and Velocity as a series of coffee makers have really established quite a name for themselves in the market and that too in all possible price brackets. The latest addition to this series and the family of the Velocity line of coffee makers, the GRB Velocity is yet another pocket-friendly and powerful coffee machine to have taken the market by storm: much like its predecessors. With functionalities very similar to the BT Velocity, the key highlight with the GRB Velocity is its price. Marked and available for just $99 on Amazon along with the stamp and assurance of Bunn as a brand behind it, the GRB therefore surely is worthy of meriting a review.

Product Features

  • Drip-free glass carafe

For a lot of people, coffee as a beverage is something that is worth killing for. And for the same people, seeing it dripping and just wasting away like that is something that is bound to make the blood in their veins boil away with madness. And so, to prevent that, the GRB Velocity packs with itself a drip-free carafe made out of glass that not just ensures that the flow of coffee is strictly restricted from the carafe and into your cup, but also the fact that your coffee is always made available to you in a steaming hot manner (thanks to the underlying hotplate) thus ensuring that you actually get to enjoy your coffee the way it is actually meant to be. Furthermore, being constructed purely out of glass fiber, the carafe gives you the assurance of delivering coffee without any pollutants (as connoisseurs like to call them) added to them: a factor discussed intensely with the case of thermal carafes.

  • Flat and wide bottom

Again, just like all of its family members, even the GRB Velocity comes with a really wide and flat shaped bottom to make sure that the interaction between the reservoir water and the ground coffee is always at its maximum so that the flavor of the beans is also extracted at their maximum.


  • Multi-stream spray head

Once again, a functionality common in the entire Velocity series- the spray head. The feature may be a common ground in all of them, but it is actually THE thing that sets it apart from various other coffee machines in the market and also the primary reason for coming up with the unique and distinctive taste of the Velocity series.

The spray head has just the one task- to maintain the equilibrium between the amounts of water and the ground coffee so that flavor extraction is always at its peak, and it does that in a wonderful way in order to give you some of the best coffee moments you could ask for from a stand-alone coffee machine.

  • Stupendous Brewing Time

There is a reason why the GRB Velocity or better yet, the entire Velocity series always flies high on the list the best and most budget coffee machines on almost every domain, and it is the brewing time and the brewing quantity of the GRB Velocity. I mean, if you too had the option of brewing at most 10 cups (~80 ounces of coffee) in a single go and that too available in your hands in a maximum span of 3 minutes (with the best ever record touching 2.4 seconds with the GRB velocity), there would not be much that people could say or tell you that could sway you away from buying a unit of the GRB without having any kinds of second thoughts.

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  • A controlling system for which even the word “easy” sounds too tough to describe. With just a single button to control the entirety of the coffee machine, there are no words that could actually bring justice for the easiness of the GRB Velocity’s handling.
  • The possibility to brew 10 cups of coffee in well under 3 minutes makes it a perfect piece of tool for those who are absolute lovers/slaves of coffee, or for those who are often frequented by a large gathering of people at their homes.
  • A drip free carafe with a spout design makes sure that the pour of the coffee is always from the carafe into the cup and vice versa in order to ensure cleanliness and reduced spillage in and around the counter or serving area.
  • The relatively large bottom complemented with the multi-stream spray head are constantly on the workout to make sure that your coffee tastes as magnificent as it possibly can every time you ask for it.
  • A water tank crafted out of factory grade stainless steel ensures that the brewing temperature always fluctuates between the most optimized temperature throughout the brewing cycle in order to derive the maximum taste and flavor from those precious coffee beans of yours.
  • Cleaning and maintaining the GRB Velocity is as easy as it gets. With a body that is completely uniform and continuous, washing it involves nothing more than scrubbing it properly with a wet piece of cloth. The container and the carafe can be washed in a dishwasher or with the de-liming spring provided to you.
  • Just like the entire Velocity series, even the GRB velocity shares a design that is not at all visually appealing at all.
  • The GRB Velocity is definitely cheap as hell, but even with its price tag, one expects a programmable coffee machine, or if not, a machine that is at least capable of coming up with artisan style coffee.
Bottom Line

The GRB Velocity is by no means perfect. Design and aesthetics-wise, it is something that absolutely no one in their right mind would ever recommend it even in their wildest and craziest of dreams. Even for all of its negative pointers, the GRB also carries along a lot of positive pointers to cut them out and try to win the argument in its favor. It may not be as powerful a performer as its other family members, but it is definitely a coffee machine that can guarantee and deliver you some really good and delightful tasting coffee at quite an affordable price.

Product Overview

Only a coffee lover knows the importance of a good coffee maker and how it can save a lot of money and time of a person. When it comes to dependability and reliability then Bunn coffee makers have always been the perfect choice of the coffee lovers. These coffee makers are known for their no-nonsense settings and functionality which makes them easy to use without compromising on the brew quality. It takes lesser time as compared to other coffee makers without any doubt and is perfect for one’s kitchen. These coffee makers are made for household purposes only though, but this has not deterred the manufacturers from putting in the best quality design and settings so that the efficiency level is kept high.

Product Features

Though this coffee maker is very simple and fuss-free, it does have some very important features which make it stand apart from other coffee brewers in the market. Some of these features of the Bunn BX-B coffee maker are:

  • Brew under 4 minutes

Bunn coffee makers are known for their efficiency in terms of time consumed while brewing a few cups of coffee. It takes only approximately three minutes to brew almost 10 cups of coffee. All one need to spend for 10 cups of coffee is coffee, filter, water, and three minutes and the coffee is ready to be served. This is only possible because of the high operating power of the coffee machine which makes the process fast. This makes it highly useful especially when one is running late in the morning as one will not have to wait for too long to get a cup of coffee.

  • Brewing temperature of 195.7 degrees

This drip coffee maker provides the best cup of coffee brewed in no time and this is possible only because of its higher brewing temperature. It is said that for a fantastic cup of brewed coffee one need to bring the temperature up to almost 195 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Bunn BX-B coffee maker reaches the temperature of 195.7 degrees within one minute only means the temperature becomes piping hot to bring out the flavors of the coffee giving that rich taste.

  • 10 cups of coffee

There are various fancy coffee makers in the market out of them many can brew only a 2 to 4 cups of coffee in a single time, which means if one needs to serve a bigger group then they will have to run the coffee machine several times which is not at all time efficient. With Bunn BX-B coffee makers one can brew up to 10 cups of coffee within 3 to 4 minutes and that can be called as highly efficient and quick.

  • Design

When they say Bunn coffee maker is not the fanciest looking coffee maker in the town, it is true. The body can be clunky and big as compared to other coffee makers. One may also struggle to fit it under the cabinet as it is almost 15 inches tall and 7 inches wide. The overall look is of an old school coffee maker kind with black and silver combination, but without any doubt it can brew some serious coffee in no time. The design is very simple and handy without many complications as it comes with only one switch to on or off the machine.

  • Body

The entire Bunn BX-B coffee maker is made of durable material as it can withstand longer use periods. It’s got a stainless steel water tank of around 100 Oz capacities which are almost 20 cups of water, and it also got a thermostat in it which maintains the hot temperature of the water so that the coffee can be brewed in less time. It also comes with a flat bottomed carafe with is vacuum insulated so the coffee can be kept warm for a longer time. The carafe can also be washed safely in a dishwasher.

Bunn BX-B coffee makers are perfect not only because it can brew a great cup of coffee in less time but also because one can use it to boil water as the reservoir keeps the water always warm. One can use any type of coffee in this coffee machine, whether the coffee is of South American origin or of African origin, it can bring out the distinct flavors out of them.

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  • It takes only 4 minutes to brew a decanter full of coffee due to its higher temperature and operational quality.
  • One can brew 10 cups of coffee in a single go.
  • The water reservoir is made of stainless steel and the water is continuously heated in it which can keep the water hot for hours.
  • The carafe has a swivel lid and is made of drip-free glass so that the poring gets easy and mess free.
  • One can also heat water for other purposes using the coffee maker.
  • The body is durable and the decanter is dishwasher safe.
  • It got only one switch which makes the usability smooth and easy.
  • It runs quietly without any noise.
  • One can use both permanent as well as disposable filter paper for the brewer.
  • The design is a bit chunky looking and is not that sharp looking like other current models in the market.
  • One may need to buy filter papers made only for Bunn machines as other ones may not fit properly.
  • It takes a lot of place on the kitchen table and also one cannot store it anywhere as it takes a lot of space.
  • The price is a bit on the higher side as compared to others.
  • There is no measuring scoop available with the Bunn coffee machine.
Bottom Line

If one weighs the pluses and minuses of the Bunn BX-B coffee maker, they can see that this coffee machine is definitely a worthy buy and is most efficient to use in one’s home or office. It is a serious coffee maker without much detailing into looks but definitely gets the job done like no other. With ideal brewing temperature, less brewing time and no-nonsense design it is a winner for people who are not a fan of unnecessary frills.
Product Overview
Bunn has been on the top in the world of coffee makers for not just ten or twenty but for more than sixty years, and instead of competing with other brands in terms of bragging features, they’ve always focused on innovation and simplicity and ease of use for their customers. In their coffeemakers and other kitchen appliance, you will find no issue about durability and strength, and Bunn BX-D coffee brewer is not an exception. It’s an amazing coffee maker, which provides you with a freshly prepared coffee with strong flavor in just two minutes, and its recovery time is also very low. It brews coffee at the ideal temperature, and it has a specially designed thermostat, which keeps the coffee hot even at high altitudes. The best thing, however, is the price which is below 140$.
Product Features
  • Body and Design: Whether it is a coffee maker for home it is for commercial use, Bunn coffee makers are always simple when it comes to body and style. The top, bottom, and the front of this coffee maker have stylish black color while the rest of it is white. It is a very compact coffeemaker which doesn’t take a lot of space on your kitchen counter and gives your kitchen a modern look.
    The water tank for keeping the water hot for long is made up of stainless steel, which makes the coffee maker really durable.
    There are not many confusing buttons which probably do nothing more than creating false impressions. The ergonomics of the coffeemaker is very elegant and you’ll love how easy it is to use this coffeemaker.
  • Large Amount of Coffee at a time: Since this can brew 4 to 10 cups of coffees at a time, it is fit for both family and single use. If your family loves to have some morning time together around a cup of coffee, then you can brew coffee for all of them. If you live alone and prefer drinking coffee multiple times a day without having to deal with all the processes of coffee making every time, you can brew coffee one time and enjoy all day.
  • Unique Sprayhead: One amazing thing about this coffee maker is that it doesn’t make your kitchen counter dirty. It has a uniform dispenser through which the coffee pours down smoothly with no spilling. The spray head helps in extracting the full flavor of the coffee.
    The carafe is made up of glass and you can see how much coffee is left.
    Also, a major problem which is found with most of the other coffee makers is that they tend to make the coffee quite scorched when the coffee has been stored in them for hours. But with this coffee maker, you won’t find such a problem and this is why the punchline of this coffee maker is: ´Brew Better, Not Bitter.’
  • Easy Brewing Process: Simplicity has always been the theme of Bunn coffeemakers, and so you won’t find making coffee with this coffee maker any hassle. All you need is to add the coffee according to your taste, add water, and the coffeemaker will prepare your delicious coffee in less than 3 minutes.
    To keep the water hot and ready for next brewing, there’s a hot water tank with on and off button. You can turn it on a few minutes before brewing the coffee and when you think you’re not going to brew anymore, you can simply turn the coffee maker off. Such a simple and basic function is something you’re hardly going to find with other coffee makers.
  • Idea Brewing Temperature: The ideal temperature for coffee is around 200F, and there are only a few coffeemakers, which are able to brew coffee at this temperature, and BTX-D Velocity brew is one of them. Brewing at a temperature of 195C for a total of three minutes, you can imagine how amazing the coffee is going to be.
  • Right Coffee Ratio: The coffee maker knows how much coffee is best for brewing the best coffee for you. While other coffee makers demand you to add the exact amount of coffee, this coffeemaker can brew excellent coffee with just one or two spoons of coffee for a single cup.
  • Amazing Thermostat: In all the coffee makers, which use a carafe, thermostat has an important role in keeping the coffee warm for a long time. The thermostat of this coffee maker is the prime reason why this coffee maker is one of the perfect choices if you live in a region of high altitude. Actually, when the altitude increases, the pressure decreases and so the water starts boiling at a lower temperature. If you use an ordinary coffee maker in such conditions, then the water won’t be able to extract the right flavor from the coffee. The thermostat in this coffeemaker deals very well this problem.
  • Price and Warranty: The price tag of this coffee maker is 140$, while it is available on Amazon at 130$. It’s true that there are other coffee makers with fancy features, but this coffeemaker provides what you really want: great taste. And so it can be said that this price tag is actually the best one. Also, Bunn always provides long warranties and customer support, and so you can be assured of being carefree about this coffee maker.
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  • It has a simple design with excellent ergonomics.
  • It can brew a large coffee at a time.
  • It can keep the water hot and ready for successive brewing.
  • The dispensing of the coffee in the carafe is smooth and without any spilling.
  • It brews coffee at the most ideal temperature of 200F.
  • The thermostat is amazing and it helps the coffeemaker in brewing excellent coffee even at high altitudes.
  • It comes at an affordable price.
  • It’s not fit for very small kitchens
  • It’s not programmable.
  • It doesn’t switch off on its own.
  • There are no strength selectors.
  • Coffeemakers with other features are available at this price.

Bottom Line

This coffee maker has been built with nothing but simplicity, ease of use, and great taste in mind, and it successfully delivers all of them. It is a very lightweight coffee maker and its thermostat is the best thing about it.
If you’re looking for a coffee maker which does exactly what it’s meant for, then this is the one for you.

Product Overview

Bunn is one of those rare coffee maker manufacturers, which excel not just in personal use coffee makers but also commercial coffee makers. If you run a nursing home or a consultation office, or a small food court, then Bunn 33200.015VPR-2GD is the one and only coffee maker you’ll want to use. It has a large brewing capacity of around 4-gallons per hour, and it also keeps the coffee warm for long. You don’t need to reheat the water again and again, and using this coffee maker is so easy that even if your customers don’t know anything about making coffee, they won’t face any problem. It also has two warmers which are very important if a large number of people are visiting your office. And guess what, you get this amazing coffee maker just in the range of 250$.

Product Features

  • Body and Design: When you look at this coffee maker, you feel like it’s a very robust coffee maker, and it really is. It looks like a modern mechanical machine ready to work.
    The color of this coffee maker is a mixture of black with a touch of white edges.
    The size of this coffeemaker is fit for the size of a medium and large size office and your customers won’t feel like they are entering into a mechanical shop. However, by sitting in a corner, it does add to the modernity of your office and workplace.
    The body of this coffee maker is made up of stainless steel, which is very important for a coffee maker, because you may have some customers which may not be very careful while handling it. If your office is related to children, then this becomes even more important.
  • Large Coffee Brewing: What’s the use of a commercial coffee maker if it can’t brew out enough coffee? This coffee maker stands perfectly on our expectations with an impressive capacity of brewing 3.8-gallons of coffee per hour. To have an idea of how much this amount is, it is equivalent to 486-ounces of coffee. Normally 12-14 ounces of coffee makes two cups of coffee, and even if you use only large travel mugs of capacity 14-16 ounce, then also you’re going to fill 30 such mugs per hour. This proves that whatever is the size of your office or shop, this coffee maker can satisfy all types of demands.
  • No Requirement of Plumbing: Most of the commercial coffee makers comes with plumbing fixtures. They’re good since they allow the coffee maker to be connected directly to the water supply. But the problem with this is that if the water supply gets disconnected, then brewing is impossible. Also, since the coffeemaker is always on, 800 watts of energy is going to be consumed every ten minutes. You can imagine how high your bills are going to be.
    Bunn 33200.015 VPR has solved this problem in a very simple way. Instead of providing plumbing fixtures, it comes with a large water tank which you only need to fill once and you can brew coffee anytime you want. This way, the coffee maker also becomes portable.
  • Splashguard: In your office, there will be visitors of all types, and many of them may not be as careful while pouring the coffee. The splashguard funnel in this coffeemaker takes care of this problem and it dispenses the hot coffee away from the hand. It also prevents spilling and overfilling.
  • Separate Warmers: If your office or workplace witnesses a large number of visitors, then the two separate warmers which come with this coffee maker is something you’ll find really beneficial. This way, while one warmer is utilized in brewing of coffee, the other one can be carried around to refill the cups. This coffee maker ensures that you won’t have to wait for the coffee maker to finish the brewing and you’ll always have one decanter to use. You can also adjust the temperature of these warmers.
  • Easy To Use: If you’re familiar with Bunn Coffee Makers, then you know that Bunn focuses on the two most important things: ease of use and great coffee. This coffee maker doesn’t have bragging and confusing buttons and there’s no need to spend a lot of time trying to understand how this coffee maker is operated. All you need is to fill the water, add coffee, and press, the coffee maker will prepare the coffee in less than three minutes.
  • Great Taste: No matter how many features a coffee maker boasts, if it’s not delivering the right taste, it’s useless. This coffee maker brews coffee at a temperature around 200F, which is considered the most ideal temperature. Also, the thermostat is good, and even if the coffee is kept hot for long, you won’t get a scorched taste.
  • Price and Warranty: The price tag of this coffeemaker is just above 250$, which is slightly more than the budget price. But if you look at the strong body, large brewing capacity, ease of use and great taste which it delivers, you’re not going to find a more justifiable price.
    As for the warranty, you get a full 2-year warranty with this coffee maker and so you can be assured that you’re not going to pay anything for problems arising in future.
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  • It has an amazing design. It is fit for all types of offices.
  • It can brew 3.8-gallon coffee per hour.
  • It doesn’t need plumbing and so you can carry it anywhere.
  • It comes with two warmers.
  • The splash guard prevents the burning of the hand.
  • Water remains hot for long.
  • You’ll find this coffee maker very easy to use.
  • The price tag of 250$ is justifiable.
  • It is not fit for small offices.
  • It does not have a pre-programming feature.
  • It doesn’t switch off on its own.
  • There are no strength selectors.
Bottom Line

You never know how your visitors are going to behave, and this is why it’s important to get a coffee maker which is made of stainless steel. Bunn 33200.015 VPS is a very strong coffee maker, which can brew a large amount of coffee per hour and keep it hot for long. It comes with two warmers and the splashguard prevents the burning of hand.If you’re looking to please your visitors with an all-round coffee maker, then this Bunn 33200.015 VPS is the one you should get.

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Product Overview

No one likes to wake up and run to a coffee shop for the first thing in the morning and stand in a long line to get a coffee. Of course, coffeemakers arrived as a magical solution to this problem, but even they were nothing but an annoying piece of boxes which caused leaks, uneven distribution, and if not all, then they took a large time for brewing and made coffee scorched.Over recent years, Bunn coffee maker manufacturers have strived towards solving these problems, and BTX B (D) Thermostat is the result of their efforts. This coffee maker is a convenient coffee maker in the real sense since it brews coffee in less than 3 minutes at the most ideal temperature. You’re also not going to make your kitchen dirty with it. It brews a significantly large amount of coffee, so you can use it either at home or at your small office. Its thermostat enables it to perform well even in the high altitude, and it is very easy to clean. And all this is available at a price of just 120$.

Product Features

  • Body and Design: Bunn always stresses on simplicity and ease of use, and you’re not going to find bragging looks. It’s just a simple and modern machine which sits quietly on your kitchen counter and attracts people’s attention.
    The color of this coffee maker is white and black which looks really cool. Its height and size is moderate and it can easily accommodate in a small kitchen.
    The coffee maker is made up of plastic and stainless steel, and since there’s no glass component, nothing is going to break down if you accidentally drop it.
    The thermal carafe is also made of stainless steel which provides strength and durability.
  • Large Coffee Brewing: Whether you are looking for a coffee maker for single use, for your family, or for your small office, this coffeemaker will fit everywhere. It can brew up to 10 cups of coffee at one time and that’s also in less than 3 minutes. So, if your family loves to sit around the morning coffee, then you’re going to love it. If you live alone and love to drink multiple times, then you can brew your coffee only once and enjoy it all day. If your Office witnesses a dozen clients per day, then this coffee maker will do its job to make them refreshed.
  • Easy and Fast Brewing: Bunn coffee makers always take away when it comes to ease of use and speed. This coffee maker doesn’t have fancy buttons, but a very simple brewing technique. Add the cold water, which will get boiled in no time and will be poured in the carafe. Add the hot water back to the coffee maker. Add the filter paper to the funnel, and there you go. You’ll have a fresh hot coffee in less than three minutes.
    Fast brewing is also one of the most exciting features of this coffee maker, and it is faster than even the most popular ones in the market.
    Another convenient feature which you’ll find is that it stores water at the right temperature for long. So, if you need to brew successively, then you don’t have to repeat the boiling process.
  • Excellent Thermal Carafe: When you use a normal carafe which boasts about keeping coffee for long, it’s actually using a hotplate to keep the coffee hot. The problem with hotplate is that while it does keep the coffee hot, but develops a scorched taste. Bunn has solved this problem by eliminating the hotplate and providing a double wall carafe which totally cuts the outer environment from the coffee. While Bunn claims that the carafe can keep the coffee hot for 2 hours, you can enjoy hot coffee for 3-4 hours.
  • Patented Sprayhead: This coffee maker uses Bunns patented sprayhead. The advantage of this sprayhead is that the water is able to extract the right flavor from the coffee and deliver you a strong-bodied taste. Moreover, while pouring, it eliminates over spilling. It also saves your hand from getting burned.
  • Ideal Brewing Temperature: This is another department where Bunn Coffee Makers excel. This coffeemaker is able to reach a temperature above 190 degree Celsius in just 60 seconds, and the coffee is brewed at this temperature for a full three minutes. It’s true that other brands are also capable of attaining this temperature, but they do it only for the last few seconds.
    While other coffee makers demand you to add the right amount of coffee and failing to do so will destroy the taste, Bunn BTX B (D)  can brew amazing coffee with just one-two tablespoons of coffee.
  • High Altitude Suitability: For a coffee maker to brew nice coffee in regions of higher altitude, it has to have a specially designed thermostat. Actually, on high altitude, the pressure is less, and so the water boils at a lower temperature. The thermostat in BTX B (D) maintains the temperature in a way that the water is able to extract the right flavor without getting converted into steam.
  • Price and Warranty: The price tag of this coffee maker is just under 120$ and considering the strength, taste, and other features which it offers, it is the most justifiable price of a coffee maker. As for the warranty and other supports, Bunn never turns away from its responsibility.
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  • It has a simple and convenient design.
  • It can brew up to 10 cups of coffee at a time.
  • It brews coffee in less than 3 minutes.
  • The sprayhead extracts the right flavor from the coffee.
  • It maintains an ideal brewing temperature of 200F.
  • Its thermostat makes it suitable for high altitudes.
  • The price is affordable.
  • Not fit for small kitchens.
  • You have to add water twice.
  • There are no strength selectors.
  • This coffee maker cannot be pre-programmed.
  • It doesn’t switch off on its own.
Bottom Line

As said, Bunn BTX B (D) is a convenient coffee maker in the real sense. Bunn always focuses on simplicity and taste, and this coffee maker is the perfect example of this vision. This is fit for all types of families, and it brews a large amount of coffee. The thermal carafe keeps the coffee hot for long and the sprayhead extracts the right flavor.

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Product Overview

In the series of excellent commercial coffee makers, Bunn has another amazing set in the form of 04275.0031 VPS 12-cup coffee brewer. If 1 warmer or 2 warmer set are not enough for your requirements, then go ahead with this 3 warmer coffee maker. Whether you run a nursing home, a stockbroker agency, a technical shop, a laboratory, or a restaurant, this coffeemaker will deliver everything you’ll need. It can brew out a large amount of coffee per hour with impressively low recovery time, and it can also keep your coffee warm and fresh for a long time. It is a very clean coffee maker and the method of brewing coffee is so easy that you can’t stop loving it. The stainless steel design makes it very strong, and it is available at a price of just 250$.

Product Features

  • Design and Body: Commercial coffee makers have to brew a large amount of coffee and this is why strength and durability are the prime requirements of being qualified as a commercial coffee maker. The body of this coffee maker is made up of stainless steel, which is no doubt one of the strongest materials in the world. There are no glass components, and so you don’t need to worry if there are some careless visitors in your office.
    The design is simple, with no bragging features, which has always been the theme of Bunn Coffee Makers. This coffee maker looks like a device ready to work. Its size is not so big that it’ll obstruct anything, but it is quite compact and you can stuff it in a corner. It is also not very heavy, and so you won’t have any problem carrying it.
  • Large Amount of Coffee: You buy a commercial coffee maker only because you need a large amount of coffee to satisfy the demand of your customers. And this coffee maker stands perfectly in this department.
    This coffee maker can brew 3.9 gallons of coffee per hour. This much coffee is equivalent to 14.7 liters, or better says, around 490-ounces. A normal coffee cup carries around 6-8 ounce of coffee, so you can easily serve 80 customers every hour. That’s how much a large coffee shop witnesses. In terms of travel mugs with a capacity of 16 ounces, you can fill more than 30 such mugs. So, you can easily see that the amount of coffee is something you’ll never run out of with this coffee maker.
  • No Plumbing requirement: Most of the popular commercial coffee makers don’t have a water tank. Instead, they have plumbing fixtures. They are not bad as they allow the coffee maker to be connected directly with the main water supply system. But this has certain pitfalls First, once the water supply has been disturbed, you won’t be able to brew coffee. Second, the coffee maker needs to remain on all the time and considering the electricity, which a commercial coffee maker consumes, you’re going to face larger bills. Bunn 04275.0031 VPS solves this problem by providing a water tank. All you need is to fill the water tank once and you’re prepared to brew coffee anytime you want, without worrying about the disruption of water supply. It also saves a huge amount of electricity. Also, you can take the coffee maker anywhere.
  • Splashguard: Splashguards have always been one of the most amazing features of Bunn Commercial coffee makers. If you want your visitors to help themselves, then not all of your visitors would be careful while pouring coffee. The splashguard takes care of your hand by deflecting the coffee away from the hand. It also reduces the chances of over-spilling and making your counter dirty.
  • 3 separate warmers: While many coffee makers struggle with providing two separate warmers, this coffeemaker comes with three. You will find it very helpful since it won’t make customers wait in line. One warmer can be involved in brewing, while the other two can be circulated in dispensing. The warmers are also made of stainless steel, and so you don’t have to worry about breaking them. The warmers are also capable of keeping coffee hot for a long time.
  • Easy Brewing Process: Anyone who has used Bunn coffee makers would know very well that Bunn coffee makers are perhaps the easiest coffee makers in the market. You don’t need to get confused by a large number of fancy buttons and LED displays because there aren’t any. Coffeemakers are meant to deliver great taste and convenience, and this is what it does.
    All you need is to pour water, add coffee, wait a little for the water to boil, and there you go. Your customers will be thanking you for such amazing coffee in no time.
  • Great Taste: If you run a coffee shop or a restaurant, then the only thing that is going to make your customers return to you is the great taste of the coffee. And this coffee maker proves to not disappoint you with the taste. The prime reason behind this is the fact that it brews coffee at an ideal temperature of around 200F for a considerable time.
  • Price and warranty: Commercial coffee makers are costlier, and this is obvious since they are exploited far more than home coffee makers. The price tag of this coffee maker is 250$. Other coffee makers are also present in this range, but perhaps far behind.
    As for the warranty, Bunn coffee makers always come with long warranties.
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  • It has a compact body and it is fit for large and medium-sized offices and shops.
  • It can brew a large amount of coffee per hour.
  • It has a very easy brewing method.
  • The splashguard prevents over spilling and also your hands from burning.
  • It has three separate warmers.
  • The price is affordable.
  • It is quite big for very small offices.
  • It is not programmable.
  • It has no strength selectors.
  • There are no decanters.
Bottom Line

Satisfying the demand of a large number of customers can be a difficult task, but not with Bunn 04275.0031 VPS coffee makers. Whether you run a small or a large shop, this coffee maker is going to be perfect for your needs. This coffee maker brews a large amount of coffee and the warmers don’t make your customers wait for the coffee.If you’re looking for a coffee maker that is going to make your business a success, then this is your perfect choice.

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Product Overview

Bunn is mostly inclined towards making coffee makers, which have simple and basic designs, but if you are the one who gives value to the looks as well in addition to the great taste and ease of use, then Bunn has something in its sack for you as well in the form of Bunn CSB 2G speed brew. This is one of the coolest coffee makers from Bunn, and don’t worry, you’re not going to lose the Bunn’s fast easy, fast and amazing brewing bottom line. It is a very small coffee maker and the stainless steel design makes it very strong and durable. With the drip-free carafe, you don’t have to worry about making your kitchen dirty, and the taste is something you’ll never have to complain about since it has a unique sprayhead. Also, you get 25-coffee filter starter pack at the time of buying. All this is available for a price of just 130$.

Product Features

  • Design and Body: As said earlier, this coffee maker is one of the most stylish coffee makers you’ll ever come across. The color of the coffeemaker is dark black and it has a shiny finish. In your kitchen, it’s definitely going to add a modern look.
    It is a small coffee maker, so whether your kitchen is large or small, it doesn’t matter because it’s going to fit in without taking a lot of space.
    It’s also a very lightweight coffee maker and you don’t need to worry about having problems while carrying it. Another great thing about the body of this coffee maker is that it is made up of stainless steel, which is the reason behind its strength and durability. There are no glass components, except the carafe, and so you’re not going to break anything if it falls down.
  • Large Brewing Capacity: All the Bunn Coffeemakers have a large brewing capacity, and this coffee maker is not an exception. It can brew 20 to 50 ounces of coffee at a time, which is fit for single use, family use, and also for small-office use. You can brew a full 50-ounce coffee for your family and have some morning time together around the coffee. It will also be beneficial if there are guests or if you’re organizing a small get together. If you live alone, then you can brew a significant amount of coffee one time and enjoy it all day without having to brew over and over. If you run a small office and you get a significant number of visitors, then this coffee maker will prove to be very helpful in welcoming them.
  • Stainless Steel for Keeping Water Hot: Unlike other coffee makers, you don’t have to add water again and again every time you want to brew coffee. All you need is to fill the tank and this coffee maker will keep the water hot at the optimum temperature for your next brewing.
  • Drip-free Carafe: Carafes are great. You can pour coffee in them and travel around refilling the cups, but even the most popular carafes in the market have the problem of leaking. They work well when they’re new and then they develop this leaking problem. Bunn CSB2G solves this problem by introducing a carafe which doesn’t leak. This carafe also has a large mouth, and you’ll simply forget about making your kitchen counter dirty while pouring the coffee.
  • Fast Brewing: Bunn coffee makers are always known for super fast brewing and BUNN CSB 2 G follows the same theory. It brews a large amount of refreshing coffee in a matter of just 3-4 minutes.
    The brewing process is also very easy as compared to other coffee makers.
    All you need is to fill the water tank, put the filter paper in the funnel, add coffee, and the rest of the work will be done by the coffee maker. This fast and easy brewing is what makes it one of the best coffee maker in the market.
  • Unique Sprayhead: No matter how great a coffee maker looks, it matters nothing if it cannot deliver a great taste. This coffee maker has its own patented sprayhead which helps it in extracting the right flavor out of the coffee and providing you with a full-bodied taste. Another reason behind the great taste is the ideal brewing temperature of 200 degree Celsius. This coffee maker allows achieves this temperature in less than 60 seconds and maintains it till the end of brewing.
  • High Altitude Suitability for just 10 extra dollars: If you live in a region of high altitude, then normal coffee makers with usual thermostat won’t be able to deliver great taste since the water boils at a lower temperature because of the less pressure. For just 10 extra dollars, you get a high altitude version of Bunn CBS2G, which has a specially designed thermostat that helps water in extracting strong flavor without turning into vapor.
  • The free Gift: When you buy this coffee maker, you get the 25-coffee filter starter pack as a free gift.
  • Price and Warranty: Bunn coffee makers always deliver an amazing experience at the best price. The price tag of this coffee maker is 129$. If you want a high-altitude version, then its price is 139$. It’s true that you’ll find other fancy coffeemakers in this range, but what is delivered by this coffeemaker won’t be found in others.
    As for the warranty, you get a full 3-year warranty from Bunn. This is something that you don’t see everywhere.
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  • It has a very stylish design.
  • It fits in all types of kitchen.
  • It has a stainless steel body for strength and durability.
  • It can brew a large amount of coffee.
  • Its brewing time is extremely fast.
  • It has easy to use brewing method.
  • Unique sprayhead extracts the right flavor.
  • It brews coffee at an ideal temperature.
  • The carafe doesn’t leak.
  • Cleaning is a bit of a hassle.
  • It doesn’t switch off on its own.
  • You can’t program it to brew coffee in advance.
  • There are no strength selectors.
Bottom Line

In addition to following Bunn’s vision of easy, fast and great brewing, Bunn CSB2G also has a great look. It’s definitely going to make you feel proud. It can brew a large amount of coffee; keep water hot for long; the carafe doesn’t leak, and most of all, you get a great taste. If you’re looking for an advanced coffee maker with all the features, then you’ve found your solution.


A coffee maker can be said to be a real coffee maker only when it delivers convenience, speed, and great taste. The great thing about Bunn’s coffeemakers is that they score ten on ten in every department. It’s true you’re not going to find fancy features and confusing buttons, but you’re never going to need them. All you want is great taste in quick time, and coffeemakers by Bunn do exactly that.

We hope that with this detailed article, we’ve helped you understand a lot about Bunn’s coffeemakers, and we’re sure that you must have chosen one for you by now. Go on, invest in Bunn’s coffee makers and get carefree for several years.