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Introduction for Best Bonavita Coffee Maker


For those who are in search of the best Bonavita coffee maker, here is a complete guide for you.


Every day a nicely brewed coffee in the morning gives a good jump start to the day. It feels like you are ready for the day and all the work. Runs to cafeterias and coffee shops can sometimes become too tedious, so what is the alternative to this problem? Buy yourself a coffee maker for home. That way, every morning, you can make your own coffee and don’t have to wait in queues to get that energy juice.


Drip coffee maker


For household purposes, drip coffee makers are a very famous product. Brewing a nice cup of coffee in these drip coffee makers is very easy and convenient, and there is also no compromise flavor-wise. The coffee maker gets its name because of the coffee-making process.


The process begins with adding ground coffee to the maker. Then, fill the water reservoir with water and heating it which, pushes it upwards. This way, the water goes into a showerhead and slowly drips into the filter containing the ground coffee. Lastly, the nicely brewed coffee collects into the carafe.


The “drip coffee” is the true form of “coffee.” The flavors are rich, and any oil gets trapped in the filter paper. The reason why it is so famous is because of its easy process and controls.


Types of drip coffee maker


There is not much difference between different drip coffee makers. They use the same techniques and have similar features. The only thing that visibly sets them apart is the type of carafe or pot in which the brewed coffee collects. There are three variations in it, glass, double pot, and thermal.


    • Glass carafe- the glass carafe lets you see the quantity of coffee brewed but to keep it hot for a longer period, it need help from a hot plate. The carafe in itself is not insulated. But with this, you might want to keep a check on the time it stays on the hot plate because too much heat can burn the coffee and leave it burnt or flavorless.


    • Dual pot system- this is ideal for people who brew two different coffees at the same time. The machine will have two brewing stations and two pots. It is also a nice way to brew enough coffee in one go, especially in offices.


  • Thermal carafe– in thermal carafes, unlike the glass carafe, the coffee stays hot for some time because it is insulated. It can keep it hot without any hot plate. This reduces the risk of it burning and becoming bitter.
But no matter what carafes are used, it is always better to consume the coffee when it is freshly brewed. It is more flavorsome and fresh at that time and will taste better.


Benefits of drip coffee maker


Some of the benefits that one can find in best Bonavita coffee maker.


  • Automatic features- all it takes is adding water, filling the ground coffee in their rightful places, pressing the required buttons, and voila! A freshly brewed cup of coffee is ready.
  • Keep warm for an extended period- the coffee can stay hot for some time even after it is brewed. The machines are equipped with a thermal carafe or hot plate to do so.
  • Easy set-up- there is no need to assemble any part. On your side, you just need to properly measure the water and coffee grounds before pouring them.

Best Bonavita Coffee Maker


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Product Overview:


Since, for most people, a cup of coffee is the first drink of the day, it needs to be a rich aromatic one. And the best way to get that quality at home is by purchasing a coffee maker. And nothing is better than buying a model from a trusted brand like Bonavita. They know the right process and temperature to brew the perfect cup of coffee, and one such trusted machine is the Bonavita BV1900TS 8-Cup One-Touch, Coffee Maker.

Product Features:

  • Golden Cup Coffee instructions- Bonavita BV1900TS 8-Cup One-Touch Coffee Maker is the best Bonavita coffee maker. It comes with proper instruction to make that perfect golden cup of coffee. With such clear measurements, you will not have to worry about how much water and coffee ground is the right amount.
  • Steel thermal carafe- the carafe is a double-walled stainless steel carafe that also has thermal insulation. The capacity of the carafe is up to 8 cups. The excess coffee that remains in this carafe stays warm for an extended period because of the thermal insulation. It is a useful feature for offices and homes, as you can sip on your first cup while the rest continues to remain hot.
  • Pre-Infusion mode- the Pre-Infusion mode in this coffee maker allows you to degas the roasted beans. Usually, when kept for few days, they degas naturally, but this mode is helpful when in a hurry. What it does is soak the freshly roasted beans in water before starting the brewing process. This degasses the beans, and the coffee is nice and flavorsome.
  • One-touch coffee brewing- one of the best things about this best Bonavita coffee maker is the convenience. You are only required to add the coffee grounds, water and press the button. In the next 6 minutes, 8 cups worth of coffee is ready and, it also shuts off automatically.
  • Filter basket with flat bottom and showerhead- the flat bottom of the filter basket allows even distribution of the coffee grounds, and the showerhead saturates the ground evenly. This even saturation is important for a uniform flavor profile in the brewed coffee.
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  • Optional pre-infusion mode
  • Safe to wash in the dishwasher.
  • Hotplate to keep the coffee hot.
  • Coffee tends to leak out of the carafe.
  • A bit expensive.
Bottom Line

Bonavita BV1900TS 8-Cup One-Touch Coffee Maker is a good drip coffee-making machine. Its one-touch technology makes coffee brewing easy. The capacity is enough to entertain bigger crowds. It has all the features to make quality coffee.


Product Overview

Looking for best Bonavita coffee maker that can make you the perfect cup of coffee whenever you need one? Breville BDC650BSS “The Grind Control” coffee maker can just be the answer to this question. The machine has a sleek design and also has its own grinder and scale. This machine is a complete package with every feature and brews the perfect cup of coffee.

Product Features:

  • Brewing capacity options- the “Steep and Release Technology” of the coffee maker allows you to choose from 8 various brewing capacities. You can go for a travel mug, a cup, or the carafe that comes with the unit. The carafe holds 12 cups of coffee and keeps it hot for a longer period. And every brew, irrespective of the capacity, will have an equal profile of intensity and flavor.
  • Settings and functions- one of the best things about this coffee maker is its automatic shut-off function. Start the timer and, the machine handles the rest of the work. Will take the water to the right temperature and start the brewing process. By the end of the timer, the coffee will be ready. The “Grind Control” technology does this.
  • Adjustable measurements- this coffee maker comes with a grinder and, you can adjust it based on your coffee beans and the grind size. Also, the brewing size can be easily adjusted. But even with all these adjustments, there will not be any compromise with the flavor of the coffee.
  • Start with one button- with just one button, the machine starts grinding the coffee beans and heating the water. The grinder makes sure that no flavor escapes and is delivered to the machine’s filter basket. As soon as it reaches, the water is released drip-by-drip, making a perfectly brewed drip coffee.
  • LCD screen display- a brightly lit LCD display screen is added to the machine that shows every setting and adjustment. This way, you can easily keep track of your timer and capacity selected.
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  • The machine remembers the recent settings.
  • Adjustable grinding size and brewing strength.
  • Cleaning is easy.
  • Weekly cleaning of every removable part becomes tedious.
  • Single-cup steeping is a bit slower.
Bottom Line

The coffee maker looks sturdy and stylish. It has its own grinder, which is a plus point as you will not have to buy it separately. With multiple controls, you have full access to making the cup of coffee according to your standards. Breville BDC650BSS “The Grind Control” coffee maker is worthy of your investment.

Product Overview

A freshly brewed cup/mug of coffee filled with aromatic flavors can make your day and give it a good start. And you can make it at home with the Bonavita Connoisseur 8-Cup One-Touch Coffee Maker. Owning this best Bonavita coffee maker means freshly brewed coffee at home without waiting in lines at coffee shops.


Product Features:

  • Brewing temperature- the coffee maker makes drip coffee at a perfect temperature. The water heats up using 1500 watts using aluminum and copper as the heating element. The brewing temperature is 195° Fahrenheit to 200˚Fahrenhite.
  • Hanging filter basket- the machine has a flat bottom hanging filter basket. This flat bottom surface ensures that when water is dispersed, the coffee grounds are evenly saturated, and the brewed coffee contains a uniform flavor profile.
  • Thermal carafe- the thermal carafe is lined with stainless steel and has the capacity of 40 ounces or, in other words, can hold 5 ounces x 8 cups of coffee. The thermal carafe keeps the coffee hot for hours after the initial brewing. Also, there is no hotplate so, you need to make sure that as soon as the brewing is over, the carafe lid is put on, or else the heat might escape.
  • Brewing option- there are two brewing options, pre-infusion and regular. The pre-infusion mode is when the machine allows the grounds to soak for around 30 seconds before the brewing process starts. This allows the grounds to “bloom” and, the coffee tastes like the pour-over drip coffee. The pre-infusion mode mixes the “bloom process” with the regular mode option.
  • Other features- since there is no hotplate, the machine shuts off automatically after the brewing process ends. Also, the showerhead design used to disperse water is a clever way to ensure that the grounds are evenly saturated and can be detached during cleaning.
[joomdev-wpc-pros-cons disable_title=”yes” wpc_style=”wppc-view1″ title_tag=”H3″ title=”Title Here” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” button_text=”Buy On Amazon” disable_button=”no” button_link=”″ button_link_target=”_blank” button_rel_attr=”nofollow” verdict_text=””][joomdev-wpc-pros]
  • A carafe filled coffee in mere 6 minutes.
  • Detachable parts are dishwasher safe.
  • Brewing starts with just one touch.
  • Cannot pause the brewing in the middle.
  • Cannot serve one cup, at least 4 cups minimum.
  • The lid on the carafe needs to be off during brewing.
Bottom Line

Bonavita being a trusted brand, its products are always great when it comes to performance. The same goes with this Bonavita Connoisseur 8-Cup One-Touch Coffee Maker. It has the convenience of one-touch brewing and, the pre-infusion mode makes it one of the best cups of coffee. This machine is worth your hard-earned money.

Product Overview


Bonavita 8-Cup One-Touch Coffee Brewer is a winner when it comes to the best Bonavita coffee maker. Bonavita came up with a more compact brewer with a 5-cup capacity. Thus, the Bonavita 5-Cup One-Touch Thermal Carafe Coffee Brewer has the features of the 8-cup but is compact with a capacity that is suitable for a smaller crowd. So, no need to drink leftover coffee, brew it and drink it fresh.


Product Features:

  • One-touch brewing- just like its elder sibling, the Bonavita BV1500TS also has one-touch brewing control. Add water to the reservoir and ground coffee to the filter basket, and press the button. The brewing starts automatically, and when finished, in around 6 minutes, the machine auto shuts off. And if the button is pressed for 3 seconds, the pre-infusion mode initiates.
  • Pre-Infusion mode- the pre-infusion mode is there to increase the flavor infusion in the brewed coffee. The 30-second pause during which the grind absorbs the water and rests is what increases the quality of the coffee. After 30 seconds, the brewing process restarts.
  • Carafe and reservoir- the carafe is made of stainless steel and has thermal infusion. It can hold 5 cups of coffee and, due to the insulation, keeps it hot for an extended period. This quantity is ideal for homes or smaller crowds. Also, the top left part of the coffee maker is the reservoir. It has a capacity of 27 ounces or 8 cups.
  • Filter basket- unlike the flat-bottom filter basket in BV1900TS, this Bonavita BV1500TS has a conical filter basket. You add the filter paper in conical form and throw it away with the residue grind once used. And it also has a showerhead-designed water disperser. The design makes sure that the water reaches the entire grind properly for even extraction.
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  • Less wastage of coffee.
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
  • Optimal brewing temperature (195° Fahrenheit to 205° Fahrenheit).
  • No programmable features.
  • Pouring coffee from carafe without lid spills it.
  • No hotplate.
Bottom Line

This Bonavita coffee brewer is a more budget-friendly and compact version of the 8 cups Bonavita brewer. Look wise, it is similar to the 8-cup model but is a bit smaller, so you can easily fit it in your kitchen. The coffee tastes similar and has the entire flavor and, you get all the features at a cheaper price. It is quite a steal!

Product Overview

It is difficult to come across a brewer that automatic, brews quality drip coffee and is also budget-friendly. But Bonavita wants their customer to enjoy nice coffee even by spending less, which is why they made the Bonavita BV1901PW Metropolitan One-Touch Coffee Brewer. This best Bonavita coffee maker has almost every feature that a premium quality brewer will have and, you can enjoy these features at a way lower rate. Thus, Bonavita BV1901PW is a good way to end your search for a quality coffee brewer.



  • Plastic body- many people may not feel that the body looks very classy and sleek but, the plastic used is very high quality. The color is somewhat between grey and black and, the body has a very nice matte finish. These days many electronics are going for this matte look which makes the brewer more modern-looking.
  • Glass Carafe- the carafe is made of tempered glass, which can effectively trap the heat for a longer period, keeping the coffee hot. The carafe is shaped more like a pitcher and looks very nice. It can hold around 1.3 liters of coffee, and the carafe’s bottom has a ripple pattern just to make it more attractive.
  • Hotplate- the coffee maker comes with a hotplate underneath the carafe slot. It can keep the coffee-filled carafe hot for another 45 minutes after the brewing process ends. And for even longer hours later on. This is way better than the thermal carafes.
  • One-touch button- the one button present on the coffee maker can initiate the regular and the pre-infusion mode. If it is pressed for 5 seconds, the pre-infusion mode begins, and the machine soaks the grind for additional 30-40 seconds before brewing it. The pre-infusion mode helps better flavor extraction from the coffee grounds as the soaking period degasses the grind.
  • Filter basket and reservoir- the filter basket has a flat bottom for even extraction of coffee flavor. It hovers over the carafe and drip-by-drip fills it with coffee. The reservoir is on the left of the filter basket. It has a maximum capacity of 1.2 liters.
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  • Non-stick hotplate.
  • Audible alert when brewing is finished.
  • Instruction for brewing at the Golden Cup Standards.
  • Showerhead design for better saturation.
  • The glass carafe may cool off early.
  • The cord is short.
Bottom Line

Within mere 7 minutes, Bonavita BV1901PW can brew a very flavorsome and quality carafe of coffee. Even if the price is low, there is no compromise in the performance of the coffee maker.

Buying guide


If you have decided to buy the best Bonavita coffee maker, you need to know a few things to make a proper purchase. Do not make the mistake of going without any prior knowledge because you will not understand the specs and find the coffee maker that meets your requirement.


  • Features


Some drip coffee makers have a timer setting where you can set a timer when the machine switches on and off. This is useful if you want to wake up to a carafe with freshly brewed coffee. There are features to control the temperature and timer of the hot plate that will keep the carafe hot. Then again, if you do not have a problem brewing coffee after you wake up, then other models quickly brew the coffee.

  • Carafe

Carafe type and capacity should also be kept in mind when purchasing a drip coffee maker. The carafe capacity is measured based on the number of cups. The options you have are 4 cups, 10 cups, 12 cups, 14 cups, or 16 cups. And the carafe can be glass, thermal, or dual pot. Based on your needs, get the carafe that suits you the best.

  • Pause brew and serve


If you are in a rush in the morning and can’t wait for the whole brewing process to finish, this feature can come in handy. In this feature, you can pause the brewing and quickly serve yourself a cup of coffee, and then the brewing continues. But when only 1-2 cups have been brewed then, the coffee may be quite strong.

  • Convenience

Some drip coffee makers are electric, and some are manual. In the electric one, you fill the water and coffee ground and set the timer, and the coffee brews automatically. But in a pour-over drip coffee maker, you pour hot water yourself over the ground coffee. If the process matter to you them go for the pour-over model otherwise, the electric one is quite convenient and easy to use.

  • Additional Features


As you raise the budget, more and more features will be included in the coffee maker. There will be auto-off and hotplate settings. Some models even have notification alerts when the machine needs to be cleaned and light displays to indicate that the machine is on. You will find more options as the price range keeps going higher, but that does not mean the budget-friendly ones are any less. They also have all the necessary features.


  • Cleaning and Maintenance


Owning a coffee maker is nice and convenient, but timely cleaning is important for it to function properly.


  1. * If using a filter paper, you can simply dump it, but if there is a permanent filter, rinse it underwater.
  2. * The filter holder also needs to be cleaned. The carafe needs to be washed after every use, or it will have coffee stains.
  3. * And overall, the machine needs to be cleaned every 2-3 months with decalcifying agents. Simply run the solution through the coffee maker as if brewing coffee and then repeat the process with clean water a couple of times.


Bottom Line
Drip coffee makers are a very useful appliance to own. They come in stylish designs and multiple sizes so, choose the one that goes with your kitchen. Using and cleaning it is very simple, but even with much less effort, the end product, the coffee, is rich in flavor. Having the best Bonavita coffee maker at home or office is very useful and convenient.